Voyager 1 on the border of The Solar System

Voyager 1 flies through the border region of The Solar System. Scientists expect that in the coming years the space probe reaches interstellar space.

voyager 1 The space probe Voyager 1 has been traveling through space at a rate of 17 km/s since 1997, when it was launched from the Cape Canaveral. This allowed it to depart from our planet at a distance of 18 billion kilometers and reach previously unexplored area of the border between our Solar System and interstellar space. Registered solar wind which is becoming weaker and the larger amount of the particles that reach beyond our solar system (these particles are the remnants of exploding stars) are proving that. According to scientists at the moment the space probe has not yet left The Solar System, but it will happen in the next few years.

Voyager 1 is provided with a supply of plutonium, which will let thermoelectric cells to generate power even till 2025. Then we will get the final reading, after which the probe stops. The space probe will continue its journey through the universe without any contact with the Earth, carrying on board a disc with recorded greetings and information about our civilization.