Has Apollo 11 landed on the moon

Proponents of a conspiracy theories claim that the flight to the moon in 1969 was one big scam. They consider the recordings of astronauts walking on the lunar surface to be faked. One of the member of the crew - Neil Armstrong has recently spoken about that issue.

apollo 11 82-year-old astronaut gave an interview to CPA Australia agency. He referred to the conspiracy theory according to which the Apollo 11 mission in 1969 did not end up landing on the moon. Proponents of this view believe that at that time there was no technology that could have made this achievement possible. They consider the video footage of the landing  as a manipulation made in a studio on Earth.

Armstrong expressed his understanding for people’s fascination of the subject. He believes that conspiracy theories are popular because they are very interesting. However, he ensured that the landing on the moon in 1969 took place. About 800 thousand people from NASA worked under this project therefore, as the astronaut stated, it was impossible to cover up fraud with this number of people initiated into it. Besides, footprints, and some crew’s equipment from the Apollo 11 have been left on the surface of our satellite. It will be found by future missions, which will confirm the historical record.

Of course it is not difficult to guess that the assurance from the man involved in the mission are not satisfying for the proponents of a conspiracy theory. Recently, NASA has added fuel to the flame by not allowing other countries to land in the zone, where the Apollo 11 mission was operating. This action is supposed to protect the remains after the mission from destruction and human influence. Their behavior can be motivated by research and historical aspects. But skeptics saw this step as an attempt to prevent the verification of the fact that the United States did not set their flag on the Moon in 1969.