NASA will send astronauts into space for 500 days

The idea is to be a continuation of Mars 500 mission, which was an experiment that was preparing for a manned expedition to Mars. As a part of this mission, a group of volunteers was isolated in the module imitating spaceship. This time, NASA wants to go further and send astronauts in space for a half year.

Within the framework of The Mars 500 mission, 6 volunteers spent 520 days in the module with an area of 180 square meters. Completely isolated from the outside world, they  became the object of observation of scientists who wanted to know how this situation might affect their health. The experiment is considered to be fruitful and is seen as a success. It was conducted by the European Space Agency and Roscosmos. Amount of time, for which the volunteers were isolated, was not accidental. Manned mission to Mars is planned for the year 2025. It is going to last 520 days, of which 250 days would take to journey there, 30 days stay on the surface of the planet, and 240 days to return to Earth.

The success of the mission urged NASA to conduct a similar experiment. However, Americans are going a step forward - they intend to use the International Space Station and put astronauts on it for the same period of time. In this way researchers could learn not only the impact of isolation on psychological and physical health, but also the effects of prolonged lack of gravity.