There may be life in the black holes

There is a dominant belief that any object which goes to a black hole, is doomed. However, there has appeared the theory according to which some objects could survive the journey into it. This also means that there may be life in the black holes.

This is based on calculations made by the physicist from the Institute for Nuclear Research, Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Vyacheslav Dokuczajew. What's more - they are derived from Einstein's theory.

Any object falling inside the black hole would be subject to destructive processes - first, it would be disjunctive by the differences in gravity and then it would be crushed by a powerful pressure. Dokuczajew’s calculations however, show that in the black hole, outside the so-called events’ horizon, there may be stable orbits. Mentioned horizon is the border behind which the gravitational field is so strong that nothing can escape from it, including light (hence the black hole is "black").

The problem is to cross this horizon, but the physicist believes that advanced civilizations could deal with it. Dokuczajew thinks it would be a game worth the candle, because after immersion in the black hole access to the limitless source of energy would be possible. Besides, the universe can be observed from the inside of a black hole, remaining invisible, which would be of a great importance for the safety of the civilization.

Taking into account the profits from the occupation of black holes, we can speculate that any civilization that reaches the appropriate level of development, decides to colonize the interior of a black hole. This can cause the silence of the universe - so far, despite continuous attempts, we failed to pick up signals from other intelligent beings.